Star centerfinder Tampa will miss more than two months

Звездный центрфилдер Тампы пропустит более двух месяцев

Centerfounder Tampa Bay Raise Kevin Kirmajer dropped out for a long time with a hip fracture.

Tampa Bay Raise lost one of her most important players in the face of centerfinder Kevin Kirmayer for more than two months. Kirmajer slipped on the first base during yesterday's game, trying to avoid a collision with the opponent's player, which led to a fracture of the right hip.

Usually, such a trauma requires 6-8 weeks of rest, after which the player can start training, which means that Kirmaer will miss at least two months of play. Star Centerfilder is one of Tampa's most valuable players and the best defensive player on one of the most important positions on the baseball field.

This season he has 7 home wounds, 10 stolen bases, and a triple slash of 0.258 / 0.329 / 0.408, which led to a utility score of 1 WAR. He missed 48 matches last season, for which Rais won just 14 games, but this year the team management took care of the adequate defensive depth in the form of Mulles Smith, who was called from the AAA team of Tampa after reporting the injury to Kirmayer.

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