For the first time since April 27, the main batter of the team, Jonis Cespedes, missed the field because of a trauma. Without him, a team from New York was constantly faced with a problem in the attack, could not knock out enough wounds.

Until the ninth inning of the first meeting of the day against Atlanta, the situation was repeated. The Mets won first 2: 0, and after the solo home home of Brandon Phillips' wound – 2: 1. The guests lacked problems on the bat, and there were enough errors in the defense. Another thing is that Braves completely failed to use them.

A good game was shown by both starting pitchers and held their first match in Major League Baseball Sean Newcomb, and his opponent from Mets Robert Gsellman, who spent extremely calm as a match for himself without missed wounds. Everything was decided on the filing of Atlanta rector Luke Roberts. In the eighth inning, he showed that he would not be particularly reliable, and in the ninth he fell down at all.

A couple of base-of-bals, hits and before the exit of Cespedes base were filled with Mets players. The most powerful guest of the guests recalled their return by a powerful blow from the field directly in the center, having issued the team's victory with a beautiful grand slam.

In the second game Cespedes, expectedly, remained in reserve. Still, his condition is not exactly allowed to play twice during the day. Here already, without him, the Mets had someone to gain wounds and gain victory.

First of all, we should note another good job pitchers led by starter Steve Matz. And yet not so long ago, the Mets were the worst team in the league in terms of the overall performance on the hill. In the second game against Braves again there was only one wound and only five hits.

In the attack, Wilmer Flores recorded two wounds and four hits at his own expense, Jay Bruce made important home wounds and TJ Rivera pitcher hitter in time in the eighth inning.

The Mets won twice in a row and bypassed Atlanta in the East League table of the National League, although Washington is still far ahead – by 10.5 wins.

Atlanta (27-33) – New York Mets (26-33) – 1: 6

Victory: Gellman (5-3)
Defeat: Newcomb (0-1)
Saves: Reid (10)
Home Wounds: A – Phillips (4); NY – Cespedes (8)

Atlanta (27-34) – New York Mets (27-33) – 1: 8

Victory: Matz (1-0)
Defeat: Wisler (0-1)
Home Wounds: NY – Bruce (16), Rivera (2)
Stolen bases: NY – Reyes (8 )

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