SanTrast Park – the newest and ultramodern bell park in Major League Baseball. (Getty Images)

Well, the first third of the regular championship of Major League Baseball is over, which means that it's time to sum up the first results. Two months are not too long in such a protracted tournament as Major League Baseball's regular season, but we'll still try to sort out some of the trends this season, and also give out early awards to some players simply because it's fun.


1. The new Atlanta Braves stadium makes the pitchers of this team nervous. The fact is that at the moment the new Atlanta stadium SanTrast Park is one of the worst ballpark for the pitchers game, being on the fifth place in Major League Baseball for a positive impact on the productivity of the betters, second only to the home bollards Colorado Rokis, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers and, as Nor strange, the San Diego Padres.

This painfully hits the psychology of those pitchers from Atlanta who have been performing at the Turner Field for a long time, which until this season was the home of the Braves' Ballpark and was considered one of the most friendly stadiums for pitchers. So, for example, the Atlanta rotation of Atlanta Julio Teheran for 30 innings at home this season has an ERA of 8.40 points compared to 1.42 on the road and 3.59 in home games last season.

At the same time, according to StatCast statistics, the betters did not knock out balls at this stadium with great force. The speed of the ball at 86.6 mph (at 86.9 mph on average in Major League Baseball) was to lead to a statistic of 0.301 AVG and 0.846 OPS at the neutral parkpark, but the actual statistics of the beating at SanTrust Park were: 0.345 overage and 1.008 OPS at Balls in the game. On average, 15% of balls scored at 95-100 mph in Major League Baseball became homed wounds, while 22% of such balls flew to the stands in the new Atlanta stadium.

Another bad news for the pitchers is that with the rise in temperature, the Better statistics and the power of their beatings only go up, so the current figures are still far from the limit.

2. The new rule on changing the length of the minimum finding in the list of injured players from 15 to 10 days has already borne fruit. First of all, this seemingly small change increased flexibility in the formation of the composition for managers who can now send players with weekly injuries to this list, and instead call forth healthy players from the lower leagues that bring real benefits to the main team. Compared to 149 such cases for the first month of the season last year, in April of this year managers used the services of the list of injured 177 times.

At the same time, the depth of the team in its AAA farm, which is now almost continuously supplying players to the main league, is even more valuable. Those teams that have paid too little attention to signing veterans on lower league contracts or with insufficient quality prospectuses will suffer severely due to lack of depth, while other franchises may have an advantage due to this.

Jim Adduchi is an example of the realization of the baseball dream of a veteran of the lower leagues. (Getty Images)

Few people pay attention to this, but the updated rule can seriously change the career and life of little-known AAA level players who without it could not see Major League Baseball at all. One example is the Detroit Tigers outfielder Jim Adduchi, who, as a 31-year-old player, appeared in the main league of the world in 2014 for the last time, and played for 61 Major League Baseball in all his career.

Due to changes in the rules, he was called up to Major League Baseball and took advantage of the chance given him, beating off with 0.318 and OPS at 0.88 points for the first 13 games and 44 out for the bat. This may allow him to stay in Detroit for an extended period of time after his recovery, or he may be given a chance by another team if the Tigers nevertheless expel the player. In any case, such "Adducci" in the near future can and certainly will get their chances, which is fine, considering what kind of love for baseball these age players show with modest salaries of mayor leagues.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates have in their composition the most carefully hidden Ace of Major League Baseball. And no, it's not Jerry Cole and not even Jameson Tayllon. It will be about a pitcher, exchanged about a year ago from the New York Yankees, where he was written off because of insolvency in the games against rivals from the division of AL East, as well as poor control over his arsenal. But Pittsburgh, with the help of their pitching coach, Ray Cirage, is not in vain considered to be the place where many pitchers rediscover themselves.

Ivan Nova also did not become an exception; in his first 17 starts for Pirates the number of woks fell to unreal 0.3 for 9 innings, compared to 2.9 in games for the Yankees. Moreover, he had more compliments to the game (6) than the woks (4) in the form of Pittsburgh. This is exactly the statistics that is hard to believe.

The new ward of Ray Sirage has turned into a real master of control. (Getty Images)

As of today, Nova's walk count went up to 0.7 for 9 innings, which does not prevent him from taking the tenth place in Major League Baseball among the pitchers by the measure of WAR. Other secrets to the success of this player, besides the limitation of woks, are a high percentage of groundballs (50.2%) and a low home wage percentage (7.5%), which he compensates for a low rate of 4.67 K / 9. But who needs strikeouts, if you just do not let anyone on the bases?

4. How to drop from the reputation of one of the best shortstops in the league and an important part of the championship team to the completely worst player of Major League Baseball on the bat? Ask for the shortstop Kansas City Royals Alcides Escobar, who this year lowered the bar of the game on the beat until the bottom of the bottom.

Escobar in the 2017 season went to the bat 225 times, for which he did not knock out a single home run, fell on the base in just 20.4% of cases, and also did not steal a single base. Further – worse. This shortstop has never been a supplier of woks for its team, but preferred to rely on contact, but 2.2% of woks, even for players of such a formation – an insignificant indicator, especially if it is combined with 19.1% of the strikeouts.

Escobar's statistics look as if he makes a bow during each exit to the bat. (Getty Images)

So, this year Escobar has absolutely no ability to beat the ball, do woks, beat on power and even steal bases (as he was strong enough before). All this led to the fact that his wRC + wounds score at the moment is a proud 8 points. This means that he is 92% worse at playing a bit than the average player at Major League Baseball, 32% weaker than the second worst player (and that, by the way, his team-mate Alex Gordon), and 204% worse than Mike Traut.

I hardly understand how it was possible to let Escobar so often go out on the bat, but perhaps it's not so bad for the rapidly sliding into a state of restructuring the Royals.

5. Meet the most unexpected candidate for the title of the early MVP of the season – shortstop Cincinnati Reds Zack Kozart. Not that Kozart appeared in the lists of the best players of the league in general from nowhere – he was a very good performer in each of his full seasons in Major League Baseball, gaining from 1.2 to 2.5 WAR. He did this in large part thanks to the strong defense game, which was dragged down by not enough good game on the bit. But that changed at the beginning of this season, and at least at this point Zak Kozart is one of the most lethal weapons in the league, trailing only Mike Trout in the WAR score.

Kozart more than doubled his percentage of woks (13.8% compared to 6% of career) and the power of beating (0.272 ISO compared to 0.148 career), which led to the fact that it was Kozart turned into the best player on the bit At its position in 2017. Add to this better protection and it becomes clear why he is the leader in terms of usefulness among all the legal players of Major League Baseball.

Zack Kozart is the anti-Escobar of this season. (Getty Images)

But do not overestimate Zak Kozart because he is a player who often performs better in the first half of the season, and his score for averaged with beat balls (BABIP) at 0.393 is simply unrealistic to hold throughout the season, as well as the similar power of beating . Nevertheless, it is Zak Kozart at the moment is the most worthy, in terms of quality of performances, a better for obtaining the MVP title in NL

Mike Trout of the first third of the season:

Nomination of the name of Mike Trout will be awarded to the most valuable Major League Baseball player as of the time of writing. I will not surprise anyone, saying that this time this prize will be given to Mike Trout, who at the time of his injury with a noticeable margin led in Major League Baseball on usefulness.

We recently quite in detail told about the achievements of Traut not only in this season, but also in the career as a whole, and therefore we will not stop for a long time. It is worth adding that this is perhaps the only league player whose not the most serious injury can make his team instantly change tasks for the season from the struggle for the playoffs to the sale, and that says a lot.

Sai Yang first-third of the season:

The title of best starting pitcher of the first part of the season goes to Ace Boston Red Sox Chris Sale. It was a very simple choice, given that it is ahead of the usefulness of its closest pursuer Chris Archer by 50% (3.6 WAR compared to 2.4). He also leads the league in FIP indicators with 1.83 points and xFIP with 2.41, which are responsible for a more accurate assessment of the pitcher's performances than the traditional ERA statistics.

The beginning of Career's career in Boston was accompanied not only by the records, but also by the MVP game. (Getty Images)

For lovers of more old-fashioned statistics, Sale is in second place in the league with seven wins, leading the strikeouts and strikeouts for the inning, and it was his game that helped Boston survive the trauma of David Price, and not the most successful attacks by the attack and the rest of the members Rotation without serious consequences.

Mariano Rivera first third of the season:

The revelers are becoming more and more important in their teams every season, and their influence on the game only grows, and so we just can not help mentioning the best reporter of the first part of the season, which was the player of Colorado Rokis Greg Holland.

Clauser Boston Red Sox Craig Kimbrell was considered very seriously as another candidate, and it was a very difficult choice, because Kimbrell on WAR ahead of Holland: 1.7 added victory compared to 1 for the Colorado cloaker. But the methodology for evaluating the revelers, in my opinion, should differ slightly from other players, because their main value is to quietly close the games of their team and cope with the most difficult situations in the end.

Greg Holland has not missed a single chance to "give five" to his catcher this season. (Getty Images)

Here, two fundamental statistics come to our aid: saves and WPA (a counterpart to WAR, which, unlike the added victories, counts the added probability of winning). Holland leads the MLB with 21 saves, and also leads the WPA, meaning that he had a greater impact on increasing the chances of winning his team than Kimbrell, although counting on an inning, the Red Sox clowner looked more dominant. Each of them was beautiful at the start of the season, but this time we will give preference to Greg Holland.

Race for the MVP.


1. Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals). The second major superstar, Major League Baseball after Mike Trout, has a great season, giving only a shortstop Reds in terms of usefulness in the NL, but the best result of his team in the league gives Harper a decisive advantage.

2. Zack Kozart (Cincinnati Reds). The best player in the attack and defense at the most valuable position in the league, which from the first line in this list at the moment only the mediocre results of the Reds are separated.

3. Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks). Paul Goldschmidt is the main driving force and star of Arizona, which is unexpectedly confidently in the playoff zone and is fighting for victory in the division. At the same time, he divides the second place in NL by the indicator of WAR with Bryce Harper, and is one of two players in Major League Baseball (the other is Mike Trout) with at least 10 home runs and stolen bases.


1. Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels). Opponents still could not beat Trout, despite the fact that he has not played since May 28.

2. Chris Sale (Boston Red Sox). Absolutely the best starting pitcher of the season is quite worthy to claim not only on Sai Yang, but also on MVP.

3. Aaron Judge (New York Yankees). The leader of Major League Baseball on home runs, and, more importantly, the new young Bomber icon, which is not prevented from dominating even a high number of strikeouts.

Skipper of the year:

1. Bad Black (Colorado Rokis). No manager of Major League Baseball has influenced his team this season so much as skipper Rokis did. It is this expert in working with pitchers who skillfully handles the young Colorado rotation, which is rapidly progressing, as well as with the bullpen, which in turn can be called one of the best in the league. Leadership in the powerful division of NL West also does not interfere.

2. Hey Jay Hinch (Houston Astros). The best record in Major League Baseball, 11 consecutive wins, 22 wins with 6 defeats on the road – for all this it is worth to thank the manager who sweeps the Astros out of their way.

3. Joe Girardi (New York Yankees). Steering Yankees from year to year is one of the best managers of Major League Baseball, and from the general recognition it was separated only by the inexpressive level of the performers of New York. But this changed in this season, when the young talents of the Yankees began to emerge to the level of the higher league, and it is Joe Girardi who is one of the main reasons why they did not get lost in Major League Baseball, and on the contrary confidently make their way to the star status.

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