Rugned Odor. (Getty Images)

Texas Rangers and second baseman Ruhnad Odor have entered into a long-term agreement, under which the player will remain in Texas for at least six more years. The deal amounts to $ 49.5 million, and includes an option to extend the contract for the seventh season.

Thus, the new contract buys three years of the Odor arbitration, as well as two or three first seasons, when the player could become a free agent. The deal is a risk on the part of Texas, because Odor, although it has good power bits, but has problems with strikeouts, control of the strike zone, and also takes too few watches. He relies on his contact skill, but is not a strong defender, and if he suddenly stops beating with a decent powerhouse, then the Rangers will have problems.

Last season, he knocked out 33 home runs and stole 14 bases, and a year before, he had just 16 home runs, and in the season of 2016, Odor was heavily defended. At the same time, if he manages to reduce the number of strikeouts and return protection level at least the 2015 season without losing power, then Texas will have one of the best young players in Major League Baseball on a relatively small contract. He was only 23 at the beginning of March, and therefore Odor has plenty of time to uncover all his potential.

Jose Ramirez seriously added last season. (Getty Images)

Cleveland Indians in turn hastened to conclude an agreement with José Ramirez, who made a huge leap last year in his development. In one season, he increased his utility rate from 0.7 WAR in the 2015 season to 4.8 last year. Cleveland thanked the player for a four-year contract and the amount of 26 million, which also includes options for two more seasons, where Ramirez can earn an additional $ 24 million.

Last season, he knocked out 11 home runs, stole 22 bases, and also beat off with averaged at 0.312. Similar productivity on the beat and running at the bases, as well as a good level of protection in many positions in the infield and outfielder make him one of the most important players of the team that played in the World Series last year.

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